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About Dr. MIlan Moore A Better Knee

Have you been told you need a total knee joint replacement?

Patients with knee pain report that the number one fear that they have when visiting an orthopedic surgeon is that they will be told that they need a knee replacement. If you or a loved one has been told that knee replacement is necessary, it is important that you review your options.

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The TLS™ System: Stop Dieting and Live the Lifestyle!

Do you know the one thing that you can change which will have the most impact on your knee pain? It is not medication, knee bracing, or even your activity (although activity may help). The single most important factor in your knee pain which you can change is your weight.

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Dr. Moore’s career represents a combination of the best practices in orthopedics today — leading edge technologies for knee and hip joint replacement, the latest in wellness and weight management, customized solutions for joint pain and unprecedented attention to personal service. He developed the Complete Joint / Whole Body System to better meet the desire of patients with knee and hip pain to return to the active lifestyles of the Pacific Northwest.

He is one of the most experienced surgeons in the Pacific Northwest for the Oxford Partial Knee. Orthopedics is undergoing a revolution and you owe it to yourself to experience this state-of-the-art approach to complete joint health.

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