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Whether you are " pre-surgery, post-surgery" or have decided on a non-surgical solution, the options listed here can significantly boost your body's own healing, or at the very least, slow the disease process.



If your diet doesn't contain enough of the essential fatty acids, like omega-3, supplements are a very effective way to help reduce joint inflammation


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Are you part of the 80% of the population who takes nutritional supplements without the guidance of a health professional?

Well….. congratulations! You have discovered on your own what a select few physicians are starting to realize. Now, guidance is available.

Nutritional supplementation has revolutionized my approach to your orthopedic care. Perhaps a parable will explain what I mean:

There was once a land in which gardeners spent many years perfecting their planting techniques. They selected the best plants, tilled the soil, carefully positioned the plant roots within the freshly tilled soil, and watched the plants diligently as they grew. They were proud of their craft, but noticed that not all of the plants thrived. A few gardeners discovered if they added fertilizer to the soil before planting, during planting, and after planting, the plants thrived in ways that they first thought miraculous. Despite this, many gardeners paid no attention to the use of fertilizer, feeling that it was simply not part of their job and not part of their profession. The gardeners who used fertilizer continue to thrive and left beautiful, healthy, and robust gardens throughout the land.

Well, as you, no doubt, have figured out from the parable, my clinical practice strongly advocates the use of nutritional supplements in helping you to obtain and maintain optimal health. Fertilizing plants make sense. Nutritional supplementation makes sense. …And now numerous published studies are demonstrating their benefit. Therefore, I have chosen a licensed, pharmaceutical grade, scientifically based line of nutraceuticals to address your needs.

I recommend three supplements for overall joint health:
OPC-3 is a fantastic antioxidant that can counteract harmful free radicals within the body, and in the isotonic delivery system, is without peer in the marketplace. In my opinion, it is simply one of the most powerful, natural free-radical scavengers available.
Omega 3 fatty acids (fish oils) have a remarkable anti-inflammatory effect. Essential Omega III provides the three grams of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) in the amount and ratio that studies reveal is the most effective The Omega 3 fatty acids and OPC-3 have numerous health benefits beyond those in the musculoskeletal system. Furthermore, unlike prescription anti-inflammatory medications, these natural substances help to preserve cardiac health.
Cartilage preservation is so important for all patients, and especially those with joint pain. Glucosatrin not only contains the glucosamine that helps to maintain cartilage but also contains herbal agents which reduce joint and tendon inflammation. Nutritional supplements are a lifestyle change; when patients feel the effects, they tend to take them on a continuing basis. I have seen truly wonderful clinical results with these supplements.

You may find my nutrition website, a useful resource. I recommend that you register on the web site and take the free Nutri-Physical. This unique instrument employs computer algorithms using existing documented research and information to translate computer-based responses to carefully selected questions into practical health information that identifies deficiency profiles in seven major categories to attain optimal health. Once these deficiencies are identified, an individualized daily nutritional supplement regimen is suggested. This information is sent to you, is available for my review, and is otherwise kept confidential.