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When considering new technologies, remember that in medicine, "new" is a relative term. Even newer technology like the Oxford Partial Knee has over 20 years of studies and thousands of implants proving its effectiveness.


Oxford Knee Drawing

Illustration showing the less invasive implant of the Oxford Partial Knee

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Is there a better Partial Knee Replacement?

Years ago, patients who had knee replacement surgery received generic one-size-fits-all prostheses that often didn’t fit properly. Then, companies developed special knees for women and a wider range of sizes to better meet the needs of arthritic patients. Computer-assisted surgery made it easier for physicians to align the artificial knee’s joints with the hips and ankle, but these systems typically calculate an “ideal” alignment that doesn’t work well in all patients. Now partial knee replacements are available which have mobile bearings. This is a mobile component that can accommodate to the way your particular knee moves dynamically. The Oxford Mobile Bearing Partial Knee has a mobile component that helps your knee move similar to the way it did before your arthritis and partial knee replacement. The benefits include more normal movement, less wear, and the ability to accommodate your knee’s natural need to rotate slightly as it bends.