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When considering new technologies, remember that in medicine, "new" is a relative term. Even newer technology like the Oxford Partial Knee has over 20 years of studies and thousands of implants proving their effectiveness.


Oxford implant

The model above demonstrates why a partial knee patient can recover so quickly. The implant and associated surgery is much less invasive. (Below is the Oxford Partial Knee implant before surgery)

Oxford hardware

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Minimally Invasive Partial Knee Replacement

One of the most significant advances in the U.S in recent years has been the introduction of the Oxford mobile bearing partial knee replacement, which spares ones natural ligaments, preserves two-thirds of the joint surface, allows for faster recovery, and more natural motion. While use of this implant is widespread in Europe, with a successful 20+ year track record, was introduced to the United States this decade. A limited number of surgeons in the U. S. are truly experienced with the implant. Dr. Moore has instructed hundreds of surgeons in the United States in the use of the Oxford mobile bearing knee. Dr. Moore's results with this implant have been spectacular.

Advantages of the Oxford partial knee replacement:

  • Faster Recovery
  • More natural motion
  • Fewer restrictions or limitations
  • Smaller scar