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When evaluating your treatment options for joint pain, it's good to focus on knee replacement as the last option, not the first.


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It may seem contrary to popular thought, but exercise as soon as possible after a knee replacement actually speeds up recovery time.


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MooreMotion™ for Faster and More Complete Surgical Recovery

Treatment of the Whole Person is especially crucial when surgery is needed. In applying the Complete Joint / Whole Body System to the treatment of surgical patients, Dr. Moore designed the MooreMotion™ approach.

MooreMotion Involves:

  • The minimum surgery necessary to correct the problem
  • Minimally invasive incisions
  • Rapid recovery and return to activities
  • Exercise and rehabilitation the day after, or in some cases, the day of, surgery
  • Preoperative exercise to optimize motion and function
  • Nutritional support to speed healing and minimize down-time
  • Optimal pain control including performing local and regional pain blocks at the conclusion of surgery and adjunctive pain measures and support.