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If the effects of arthritis have progressed too far, a total knee replacement may be your best option. Choosing the right implant may make an important difference in your post-operative activities.


DePuy Total Knee

The DePuy Rotating Platform Knee mimics much more of the human knee's natural range of motion, compared to previous total knee solutions.
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What is a Total Knee Replacement?

Total knee replacement involves removing the remaining surface cartilage and a thin layer at the surface of the bones, and replacing this with metal and plastic. Just as a dentist caps a tooth, the orthopedic surgeon “caps” the end of the femur, the end of the tibia, and sometimes the under surface of the kneecap with metal and plastic.

The difference between a partial knee replacement and a total knee replacement is similar to the difference between a filling a tooth and capping a tooth. Since the knee is a moving, functioning joint, then sizing, balancing, and alignment of these components is essential for good movement and long-term function of the implant.