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The more you contribute to your own health and wellness, the greater success you will have from any treatment prescribed by your doctor.



Studies have proven that even small amounts of exercise help the body fight disease, control blood sugar and increase metabolism.


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Stop Dieting and Live the Lifestyle!

Do you know the one thing that you can change which will have the most impact on your knee pain?

It is not medication, knee bracing, or even your activity (although activity may help). The single most important factor in your knee pain which you can change is your weight. Studies show that a one pound change in weight have a 5-fold effect on the peak force experienced by your knees. That’s right… losing 20 lbs of weight removes the equivalent of 100 lbs of peak stress from the knees.

Diets Don’t Work!

You may think that this is a radical statement coming from a physician. “Diet and exercise” is the mantra which has come from the medical community for the last 50 years. But studies from the Journal of the American Medical Association prove that diets don’t work for the vast majority who try them…. The average weight loss from a year of dieting is 7 lbs, and 96% have gained this weight back (or worse yet, have gained more than they lost) after another year.

So how does one accomplish weight loss, especially when knee pain itself limits exercise?

The Transitions™ Lifestyle System is the answer. It is the last weight management system you will ever need, but it results in success for a lifetime. Transitions™ is the only weight-management system that focuses on body composition. This unique program was designed by Dr. Shari Lieberman, Ph. D., C.N.S, FACN, a clinical nutritionist for more than 20 years and the author of “ The Real Vitamin & Mineral Book” and “Dare to Lose: 4 Simple Steps to a Better Body.” Transitions™ is not a diet. It is an effective long-term solution.

Transitions begins with a weekly educational program (offered after clinic hours or via a weekly Webinar) for 12 weeks which provides the knowledge base for a total system approach that promotes a healthy way to manage weight. As such, it is the last weight management system you will ever need. The core of the system is the low glycemic index way of eating which includes so many everyday foods – fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein – that it is easy to follow and incorporate into your daily routine. This is the perfect, healthy, and well-balanced weight management lifestyle solution for everyone.

Components of the system include:

  • The proven low glycemic index approach to eating
  • Education, behavior modification, and stress reduction
  • Customized exercise which takes into account your personal abilities and needs, because muscle dictates metabolism
  • Customized Nutritional Supplementation to speed results
  • Optional bars, shakes, and meals for when you are short on time
  • Personal Transitions™ Web Site with interactive meal planners, exercise planners, and tracking tools

How does the Transitions™ Lifestyle System compare to popular fad diets?

The major point of difference is that Transitions™ is NOT a diet! This is a LIFESTYLE program that incorporates exercise, supplementation, and healthy eating habits. It emphasizes the concept of low glycemic index foods and its influence on blood sugar levels. Low glycemic eating is less restrictive, can be followed for life, is made up of fiber rich foods and preserves lean muscle for more permanent weight loss.

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