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When evaluating your treatment options for joint pain, it's good to focus on knee replacement as the last option, not the first.

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The Complete Joint / Whole Body System is based on the powerful concept of balance and moderation— aligning with the body's own ability to heal. Under this concept, your diet, exercise and nutritional support all contribute to either delaying or avoiding surgery; and for those who need surgery, a faster recovery.


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The Complete Joint / Whole Body System

Dr. Moore recognized that traditional methods which look at a knee or a hip in isolation without considering the whole person were not enough. He therefore developed the Complete Joint / Whole Body System to provide care to those patients who want the very best.

The Complete Joint / Whole Body System includes:

  • Evaluation of the whole person, including their activity goals and expectations, in relationship to their joint function
  • Consideration of limb length and alignment
  • Evaluation of weight and body composition and their impact on joint stress
  • Altering oxidation and oxidative stress
  • Maximizing Cartilage Nutrition to preserve joint structure and function
  • Minimizing the use of pharmaceuticals with harmful side effects
  • MooreMotion – an innovative and integrative approach to surgery combines includes minimally invasive technique, optimal pain control, and nutritional support to minimize down-time and maximize function.

Dr. Milan Moore is in practice at Cascade Orthopaedics and is committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care.